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    Cool2learn started out in 2012 by Kristian Gellibert.  His dream was to teach.  Cool2learn was his way to reach as many children as possible.  Giving students a one-on-one experience provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow at an individual pace and maximize potential.  Kristian strongly believes that education is the foundation of a child's development.  Cool2learn will ensure that your child will receive the attention they need and deserve.  We won't ask you to come to our offices or travel out of your way. Our tutors can meet where it's convenient for you - your home, a library, a coffee shop, etc.  We will try to make it as easy as possible.  

    Cool2learn's mission is to ensure that each student benefits from our services by achieving their academic goals and having a sense of excitement and accomplishment around learning.  Let us be your greatest resource!   

Cool2learn is a different kind of tutoring company. We are focused on giving children a joyful experience around learning and achieving their goals!!
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